SERVICES : Product Technical Evaluation & Consultancy Services

In today’s flooded market, choosing the correct product out of so many available options is a difficult task for the lay man.


Even if you are highly qualified, you may not be able to decide which product suits you best, technically. Sales executives will normally try to sell you the product which gives them the maximum margin or profit. So how will you decide whats best for you ? Confused?


Are you further worried whether the seller is providing you genuine material with the latest configuration ?


But if you are reading this its time to relax now..You are at the right place…. Let our technical experts decide that for you.


We will provide you advise on which is the best product suitable for you application.


Below are some of the key features of this service.

  • Study of the Product & its Technical Specifications.
  • Technical Comparison of the Shortlisted products.
  • Cost Vs Technical features comparison
  • Product evaluation through demonstration.
  • Product Sturdyness and Durability study.
  • Product Performance analysis.
  • Product Life Expectancy.
  • Product Service issues etc…

These services can be availed at an one time annual cost or pay per consultation cost basis.
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