Electrical HT Line Risk Assessment

Worried about a close by passing HT Electrical Line? Will it affect your health ? Will it affect your equipment?


Call us for Risk assessment audit today!


We all are aware that close by passing HT lines can have severe effect on health as well as costly electronic equipments. HT lines have an electric and magnetic field around them that is invisible. It can only be measured using sophisticated equipments. After the actual field measurements we can conclude whether the close by passing HT line is hazardous or safe for you.


We also check if the HT line is at a safe distance as per the Grid Act and Grid Rules & Regulations. A detailed report suggests some preventive and corrective action incase there is a problem.


Electronic Equipment is expensive and life is precious. If you have a HT line passing close to your premises , its time to get the risk assessment audit done. Its better to be safe than sorry! Dont wait until its too late!…