Probability of Fire Accidents cannot be eliminated completely, but it can surely be minimized by conducting an external Fire & Electrical Safety audit from the competent safety auditors.


Fire in any premises, whether home, office or industry has extreme potential to cause severe damages to both life and property. Fire Safety audit is found to be the most effective preventive tool for assessing fire safety standards of a premises. It helps the occupants to identify the potential hazards, the areas for improvement and evolve an action plan, in addition it also helps one by being prepared for an Emergency by conducting mock drills. Factors like poor noncompliant installations and poor maintenance procedures, poor safety training and drills add to the risk of a fire in the workplace. Fortunately, there are steps that factory / building owners and managers can take to reduce the risk of a fire through getting the Fire Safety Audits carried out in their workplaces. Such audits help identify fire hazards, and carry out the timely remedial implementations.


EnConserve Solutions conducts such Fire Safety Audits for Residences, Offices, High Rise Buildings, Industries, etc. as per National Building Code of India, 2005. We also examine the premises as per The Indian Electricity Rules, 1956 when conducting fire safety audits as over 80% fires are caused due to short circuits and therefore electrical safety is of atmost importance. We also examine some other relevant safety standards that could cause fire accidents and suggest the necessary corrective & preventive actions. We also assist you to prepare emergency plans for fire safety and conduct mock drills. EnConserve Solutions also provides Fire Safety Training Programmes & Fire Safety awareness programme. Never compromise on Safety matters. An attempt to save the cost of an audit may prove to be disastrous, a very costly affair and even extend to the extent of claiming lives. Dont think twice !

  • Walk Through Audit
  • Detailed Audit